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ABOUT Atulyakarigari

Atulya Karigari India is a brand of handloom and handicraft under registered company AAAM MERCHANTRY Pvt Ltd. It was established with the objective to serve the best to mankind in the form of producing premium arts, handmade crafts, and handloom products. The unique concept of our brand tune with the latest trends yet maintains the mystique and Indian heritage to the fullest. The fine craftsmanship and quality of our products showcase the true essence of premium merchandise manufactured in a hassle-free environment. It is a wanderlust that the work done with pure and unconditional love goes straight into the category of immortal craft. Crafts are the visible edge of various art forms. Valuing the craftsmanship with grace and efficiency not only brings serenity and evolution. Rather, it creates a platform for self-made artisans and strugglers to find a way to promote their sustainability.

Maintaining a core domain for handmade crafts and handloom in today’s date has always been the toughest job for many. Looking at the dying condition of our rural and ancient art forms and how the artisans strive hard to regulate their livelihood, Atulya Karigari has taken this new initiative of catering to the urban audience by taking the help of dying art and impotent artists.

We target at ensuring highly creative and user-friendly products without compromising the contribution of the artisans. Moreover, Atulya also believes in appreciating real talent and hard work, which often gets shadowed by middlemen. While expanding our initiative in promoting newly designed and handcrafted products, Atulya Karigari ensures the involvement of no middlemen and shareholders.

Atulya encourages the talents who are into the contemporary line of craft and have hands-on experience about traditional art forms like Pattachitra, Madhubani, Dhokra, Sambalpuri handloom, Banarsi weavers and lot more. With the help of our digitally made platform, we design and develop a range of products and women’s apparel, home décor items, and customized corporate gifts are some of our best outputs so far. Atulya tries to bring a mixture of both corporate and tradional attire along with accessories by unfolding the real stories of artisans.

In the world where the buzz of artificial products bombards everyone’s sensibilities, giving a pause and privileging handwork will surely give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. In this way Atulya tries its level best to preserve the heritage craft of INDIA.


Atulya Karigari takes immense pride in uplifting the economic condition of the rural sectors by enabling the artisans to “Go Global” with our various integrated platforms. We target at providing a sustainable source of employment to semi-skilled workers by enhancing their skills, measuring their expertise, and by valuing their cultural beliefs.

One of the CSR initiatives of Annapurna Finance Pvt Ltd

Annapurna with its lineage to People’s Forum is a client-centric organization, which focuses on strengthening the regular household income of the vulnerable communities.

As COVID 19 took a conventional bend which led to many emergencies in terms of careers. Unheard artisans were forced to choose alternate fields for running their livelihood. On the other hand, the dignity of our artisans was falling prey to intermediaries.

Thus Annapurna in association with Atulya took the initiative of providing these artisans with an online platform to market their products and strengthen them to continue as bread earners for their families without compromising with their art.

Thus, we engage the craft producers to become a part of this chain to design trendy handmade items and handloom products with improvised techniques and skills. Artists need to have a mindset of learning, a passion to grasp, and dedication towards the fulfillment of orders.

During the journey, we ensure, economically weaker sections get enough guidance for understanding the techniques we use and the skill set required for overcoming communicational barriers. For safeguarding the essence of our Indian tradition and culture, we solely focus on turning innovative models into an economic asset instead of differentiating them based on the caste, religion, and creed.

We care for our Mother Nature and always stick to the principle of using minimal plastic, polluting components, and other toxic materials. Our valuable artisans consider effective measures for developing eco-friendly products, which are easily recyclable and biodegradable.


Atulya Karigari India is bound to authenticity and feels glad to share about their creative products. We can also facilitate our customers in having a visit to our clusters and feel the true essence of handmade.
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